The Petersfield Tree Location Survey

Through a community project in 2017, the Petersfield Society evaluated the extent of tree cover in the parish, and quantified its large value to residents and visitors (see Petersfield’s Trees).  The report on the project suggested the need for more trees in the town in order to improve the range of benefits they provide, including amenity, shade and cooling.  It also identified the vulnerability of some important tree species, such as Ash, to mortal disease.

Since 2017, national and local authorities have demonstrated their desire to support significant urban tree planting, mainly as a response to the impending climate and biodiversity crises that we face.  To support these agencies, the Petersfield Society launched a further community-led project in 2020 to identify locations across the town where more trees might be planted on publicly owned land.  Supported by Forest Research, the Society organised a ‘citizen science’ project to survey these sites using trained volunteers and Smartphone technology.

A detailed report of this work is now available.  It concludes that there are many areas of grass verges where further tree planting should take place, and that nearly all areas of greenspace owned or managed by the Town Council could benefit from more trees.  The report specifically identifies children’s playground areas for attention, in order to provide shade in years to come.  It recommends that all local authorities now work together to enhance tree cover in the town, a position that has been welcomed so far by all of them.  It is anticipated that this will result in concerted action to plant more trees, and the Petersfield Society will be active in promoting this over the next few years.

Printed copies of the Report can be ordered from the Society at a price of £10 per copy, or a pdf copy can be downloaded free-of-charge from this page.

Image of pages 16 & 17 Petersfield Community Tree Location Survey Report