Privacy Notice

In this document ‘you’ or ‘your’ refers to a paid up member of the Petersfield Society, or a supporter who has provided us with their email address in order to be kept informed of the Society’s activities. ‘We’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ refers to the Petersfield Society and its Trustees.

Personal data entrusted with us is held on one or more of three secure on-line platforms: WebCollect, GoCardless and MailChimp. Each of these has its own privacy notice: the internet addresses of these are given below, following details of the data held on our behalf by each, and a description of how it is used. Apart from these organisations we will never share your data with anyone else without your express permission. Your data may also be printed or downloaded and held temporarily on Trustees’ personal computers for specific purposes, e.g. labels for mailing newsletters, tick lists of members for recording who was present at meetings, and contact details of groups of members who might be interested in particular issues being dealt with by a particular trustee.

All the personal data we hold is either obtained directly from you or automatically generated from the interactions we have with you. We do not collect personal data from any other sources. 

Our lawful basis for processing your data under the General Data Protection Regulations is legitimate interests, that is:

” The data is processed for the purposes of the administration of the Society, and keeping our members and supporters informed of our events, campaigns, and other activities.

” We consider that you benefit from this, and that you would expect us to use your data in this way.

” Since the Society’s aims and objectives are all concerned with the public good, it follows that efficient administration of the Society and wide dissemination of information about our events, campaigns, and other activities, will also bring about wider public benefits.

” None of the data we hold is particularly sensitive or private; our use of the data is not unethical in any way; and people are not likely to object or find it obtrusive.

” To our knowledge none of the people whose data we process are children or particularly vulnerable individuals.

WebCollect is a UK based on-line service provided for many clubs and societies, to keep records of membership and subscription information. Only paid up members’ data is held on the WebCollect database. This might include: 

” Contact data: postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. These are used to keep in contact with you in accordance with your wishes.

” Date of birth (we do not collect this on our paper membership form, although WebCollect offers it by default as a field to be optionally completed). Currently we do not use this data. 

” Information about your concerns and interests, to enable us potentially to target our communications to those with particular concerns and interests.

” Records reflecting your membership and subscription history: for example, the date you first joined the Society, and details of the amount, date and payment method of payments you have made.

” Whether or not you have consented for us to be able to collect Gift Aid on your subscription payments and donations. 

” The methods you would like us to use to communicate with you. 

 ” Other miscellaneous information you have given us about yourself.

If you have provided us with an email address, we will normally use it to uniquely identify you on the WebCollect platform, and if this is the case you can obtain a WebCollect password and sign on to WebCollect to view or, if appropriate, change, the personal data held about you there. To do this, go to Whether you are identified in this way by an email address or not, we can supply you with a print of the data held about you at any time.  If you have told us your email address but do not wish us to use it in this way, you can let us know, and we will remove it.

We can only view data WebCollect hold about you in connection to your Petersfield Society membership. If you have membership(s) with other organisations who use WebCollect we are unable to view data relating to those memberships.

We will delete all data held about you on WebCollect in respect of your Petersfield Society membership within one year of you ceasing to be a paid up member of the Petersfield Society. If you wish to have your data deleted earlier than this, we will do this immediately on request.

WebCollect’s own privacy notice is available at

GoCardless is a UK based on-line service for collecting Direct Debit payments. Members are free to use this service, or not, at their own discretion. WebCollect interacts with GoCardless in order to charge Direct Debit payments to members; and automatically maintains an indication of whether a member has signed up to GoCardless. Beyond this information, personal data held by GoCardless, which includes members’ bank sort codes and account numbers, is not visible either to WebCollect or to us.

GoCardless’ privacy notice is visible at

MailChimp is a worldwide, US based, on-line service for sending emails to mailing lists. We have a mailing list on their platform, which contains all members who have given us email addresses, (except those who have asked not to be contacted in this way) and others who have given us their email addresses in order to be kept informed of the Society’s activities. Personal data held on our mailing list might include. 

” Name and email address.

” Whether or not you live in the town of Petersfield.

” An indication of how you joined the mailing list: e.g. by virtue of being a member, or having signed up at one of our events, or on-line. 

The latter two items are to enable us to target our emails more specifically, so as not to send people information not relevant to them.

You can see or update the data held about you on our MailChimp mailing list by clicking the ‘update your profile’ link on any of our emails, or unsubscribe from the list by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link. Once you unsubscribe, MailChimp does not allow us to reinstate you on the mailing list. Only you can do that. 

As far as members are concerned, the MailChimp mailing list is periodically checked against the WebCollect database to ensure that the email addresses on both platforms agree. If a member unsubscribes from the mailing list he/she will be sent an email asking them (a) whether they meant to unsubscribe, and (b) whether they are content for us to continue using their email address to administer their membership. Ceasing to be a paid-up member does not automatically remove a person from the mailing list.

MailChimp automatically keeps records about mailing list subscribers’ interactions with the emails they are sent, such as whether the emails have been opened or whether they have ‘bounced’. Currently we do not use this information although it is visible to us.

MailChimp’s own privacy policy is available at