The Highways and Transport Group is concerned with the movement of people and things into, out of and through Petersfield.

It exists to support the Society’s aims by promoting improvements to the town’s infrastructure and acting as a watchdog against inappropriate developments.  It is also concerned with public transport, and promotes its use and improved utility.

The Highways and Transport Group last led an Open Forum in 2019 on the subject of Shared Space, and has been an active supporter of the town Spine project, advocating its early implementation.

In 2019 members of the group completed a comprehensive survey of pedestrian safety in the town, which highlighted how dangerous it is to move around certain areas of the town on foot, notably crossing Station Road and Charles Street. Tragically, following publication of the report there was a fatal accident at one of the locations highlighted as requiring action, and a subsequent report commissioned by Petersfield Town Council has reiterated the Society’s findings and proposed actions to improve safety.

HTG represents Petersfield Society on the East Hampshire Community Rail Partnership. More information on this can be found at https://easthampshirerail.co.uk/about-us/.

HTG is currently working on a survey of public transport serving the town, with a view to identifying areas for improvement and lobbying for changes.

HTG also shapes the PfS policy on such issues as car parking and sustainable transport, with particular emphasis on Modal Shift (supporting a shift from private cars to other modes, such as walking, cycling and public transport).

Active Travel Forum

70 people ‘tuned in’ for the Society’s first Zoom Forum on 3rd March. The subject was Active Travel. Society Trustee and Town Councillor Peter Bisset chaired the meeting and he introduced two speakers; John Palmer, Petersfield Town Councillor and an author of the Neighbourhood Plan, and Rob Mocatta, District and County Councillor, and Chair of Petersfield Strategy Group.  Read more…

The Highways and Transport Group consist of a mix of working and retired engineers and interested individuals. We welcome enquiries and participation from all, regardless of qualification.

Peter Lindon

Group convenor