Green Infrastructure GROUP (GIG)

The Green Infrastructure Group focuses on how trees, woodland, parks and other green spaces in and around the town can improve health and well-being, and quality of life, of Petersfield’s residents and visitors. 

Previously named the ‘Natural Environment Group’, the current title reflects the fact that the town’s green spaces are largely purposefully created and require management intervention in order that they deliver important goods and services. 

We seek to help official agencies in the protection of existing trees and green space, and to support the creation of new examples for the benefit of the community.  We monitor threats to green infrastructure posed by development and challenge proposals where appropriate. 

In recent years, much of the activity of the Group has centred on sharing its understanding of the importance of green space with local politicians, officers and the general public.  It has held several Open Forums which have been well attended.  It participates in festivals in the town, and over the past three Christmases has promoted a greater cover of trees in the town, including giving away free trees for planting in private gardens.  Members of the Group were instrumental in helping to save the trees in Petersfield Square from being felled when EHDC brought forward proposals to do so in 2015. 

Understanding the nature of Petersfield’s green infrastructure has also been an significant activity, in order that sound decisions can be made about its management.  Group members helped to design, manage and execute the comprehensive survey of trees in the town, published as a report in 2017.  A subsequent survey of public areas in the town where trees could be planted was launched in Spring 2020 and will be resumed after the Covid emergency is over. A report will be submitted to local government agencies when possible.

In the future, the Group hopes to work with other third sector organisations in pursuit of its general aims, and to continue to influence decision-makers and the community about the importance of well-functioning green infrastructure.  As well as promoting studies which help to understand how best to achieve this, the group is also keen to get directly involved in protecting and improving green space in the town.

The Petersfield Community Tree Location Survey

The Petersfield Tree Location Survey follows on from the i-Tree Report “Petersfield’s Trees – their importance and value” in that it identifies areas of land owned or managed by the local authority where it may be possible to plant additional trees.

Find out more about the project and download a copy of the Report here

Valuable verges – a zoom forum

East Hampshire boasts around 110 hectares of valuable roadside verges. They represent a real opportunity for us to help reverse the decline in wildflowers and polinating insects.

Find a recording of this Zoom Forum together with presentation material and links here

Petersfield’s trees – their importance and value

The i-Tree Eco survey of Petersfield’s trees was a major piece of work undertaken by Petersfield Society with the help of voluneers from the community.

The subsequent formal report provides detailed information on tree structure, species composition and values of trees within the parish boundary.

Find out more about the project and download a copy of the Report here

The Green Infrastructure Group focusses on how we can improve health, wellbeing and quality of life for residents and visitors to the area.

We recognise this is a wide remit and invite like-minded individuals to get in touch and indeed get involved. Working together we can make a difference.

Andy Moffat

Group convenor