The Community and Communications Group engages with the wider community to carry forward the messages of our events and activities. 

From organising attendance at community events, focus groups to address and gather feedback from our other activities, or to engage with the public to help clean the streets prior to important events, we’re often the public face of the Society.

We welcome involvement from individuals who want to be involved at whatever level they feel comfortable. For some it’s supporting our forums and meetings by providing teas and coffees at the events, whilst others litterpick, or help with admin, or write articles for Newsletters and other communications.

You’re all really important to the success of Petersfield Society and we value everyone’s help. 

Please get involved.

Litter-pickers ready to clean the streets in Petersfield

This image shows a group of residents, Petersfield Society members and Trustees shortly before the start of one of our regular litter picking sessions. It’s interesting to see the mix of people in the group, many of whom have no formal ties with the Society, ranging from supervised school children through to pensioners, with a few easily recognised faces.