Working with the community to conserve and enhance the special character of Petersfield and surrounding villages since 1945

Could road verges help us in the climate and nature crisis?

Across England roadside verges and small green spaces are being transformed to help reverse wildlife decline.

Join the Petersfield Society’s Valuable Verges Zoom Forum on 12 May at 7pm to find out how we could manage the 110 hectares of roadside verge in East Hampshire, including Petersfield’s verges.

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Petersfield Society is a charity led by volunteers working with the community to conserve and enhance the special character of this historic market town and surrounding villages, to ensure it remains an attractive, enjoyable and distinctive place in which to live, work and visit.
We are a member of Civic Voice, the national charity representing hundreds of local civic and amenity societies in communities across England. 

Our aims are to:

  • Provide a voice for the community on local development and environmental issues;
  • Protect and improve the quality of life in Petersfield and the surrounding countryside;
  • Encourage the protection of buildings of architectural or historical interest;
  • Encourage the maintenance and enhancement of the natural environment;
  • Influence future planning and design for the town and surrounding villages;
  • Participate in the development of local and district policies relating to townscape, landscape, traffic and the countryside;
  • Support local enhancement projects and foster a sense of community pride;
  • Campaign for or against any issues which affect the locality.


Litter-pickers ready to clean the streets in Petersfield

You only have to walk through town to see how our retailers have suffered during the pandemic. A few haven’t survived, yet some new names have sprung up too.

If we want our town to be full of interesting and vibrant shops we need to support them; we need to actively buy from them.

With Lockdown easing it would still be all to easy to jump onto the well-know websites to order even everyday items.

Please consider what sort of town you want in the future and where possible support local traders, either in the shops or using their online stores, some of which have been developed during the past year to ensure their survival.


Because there are so many aspects of local life we could get involved in, and because each of our members, and indeed Trustees, has their own area of interest, Petersfield Society is structured into four working groups. that are briefly outlined below. 



The town and surrounding villages continue to grow. We encourage great design whilst discouraging that which detracts from the unique local character.


Focussing on the natural environment, with recent successes including influencing the retention of trees in The Square, and the acclaimed i-Tree survey.


Consulting and influencing issues such as the Petersfield Spine project, pedestrian, cycle and other road-user safety, and shared access to our transport infrastructure.


The Society uses a variety of means through which to engage with both its membership and the wider community, including Community Forum events to encourage conversation. 


There are always a number of ongoing projects bubbling away within Petersfield Society. Here’s a couple underway at present: 


This detailed survey into the Tree stock in Petersfield uncovered the uncomfortable truth that we have fewer trees than many other areas in the country. See the results here

Image of the estate agents Cubit & West shopfront


With the widely publicised difficulties on the nations High Streets even before the pandemic struck, there is a real need for every business to look it’s best in order to promote Petersfield as a destination. See more here

“I would like to take this opportuity to thank our Trustees and volunteers for their endless enthusiasm and goodwill towards the various projects the Society undertakes. Without thess individuals we simply wouldn’t be able to cover the bredth of activities we do. 

Please take a look at our achievenments and Timeline of activities to see some of the impact we have had on the local environment over the years.

Graham Brown

Chairman, Petersfield Society, Sept 2015-2020


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