Save trees in Petersfield's conservation area

Whilst some of the Petersfield community are trying to conserve and promote the retention and planting of trees within the town, there are others who are applying to have 100+ year-old trees felled.

East Hants District Council (EHDC) has received notice that two of the five mature healthy Western Red Cedar trees at 14 Heath Road are to be felled, and the remaining three similar trees are to be severely cut back.

The only way to prevent this destruction is for a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to be put on these trees before 30 August. Petersfield Society has formally asked for the TPO to be applied, but support from you, the public, will be needed to make the Authority take notice.


Act NOW!

If nothing is done before Thurs 30 August the Trees will be felled.

Ask EHDC to protect the Trees with a Tree Preservation Order.

Your request for TPOs to be placed on the trees should be sent AS SOON AS YOU CAN to Maria Stewart at and Adele Poulton at who are the EHDC Tree Officers.


The Petersfield Society Objection to the felling of the trees can be seen HERE.


The Petersfield Society TPO Application can be seen HERE.


The planning application (for the destruction of the trees) on the South Downs National Park website can be found HERE.


Please Act Today!

Thank you!

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